Proof That It Snowed Pics of the Day

first_imgFergal Gaye sent us this snap bright and early this morning from Tullamore, County Offaly.Darren Quinn took the two images above in Offaly.Lisa McGuinness sent us this snap from Dundalk.Got any pics of the snow? Send them to us at The Guide to Being Ready for the Irish WinterIt’s going to get cold, but will it snow?A Guide to Irish Winter Weather Phrases MET ÉIREANN ISSUED a snow warning yesterday.And they weren’t wrong.Here’s the proof.last_img

Heres What Happened Today Thursday

first_imgA neutrino telescope based at the South Pole detected 28 high-energy neutrinos after finding nothing for three years, opening up that they say will be a new area of astronomy. [Wired] Updated 11.00pmNEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news…Clerys Department Store reopened on O’Connell Street in Dublin city centre today, just in time for the Christmas season. The shop had been closed for three months due to extensive storm damage. (Image Credit: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)IRELANDA 57-year-old Irish woman was among three women found in London who had been held against their will for 30 years.Payments of Garda allowances and overtime for November were delayed againOld Bailey bomber Marian Price pleaded guilty to providing a mobile phone which was used in Massereene murders. [BBC] Master of the National Maternity Hospital Dr Rhony Mahony said she was ‘personally vilified‘ by reports that she received substantial salary top-up. The HSE was requested to discuss that topic with an Oireachtas committee.Gardái arrested seven men in relation to an aggravated burglary in Tipperary.Minister Paschal Donohue told that he hopes Fine Gael TDs who left the party will be given a chance to return.A new rural speed limit will be introduced, and will mean the end of 80km per hour speed limits on country roads.A bus driver in Derry was praised for her role in stopping a bomb from detonating in the city last night.650 jobs were retained under a new lease for Tara Mines.It was revealed that a student was denied a SUSI grant despite being €7,600 below the income threshold.Days lost to industrial disputes rose for third consecutive quarter, according to the CSO.Ireland was named Europe’s most entrepreneurial country, while figures showed it has the highest birth, lowest death and greatest emigration rates in Europe.Clerys Department Store in Dublin reopened it doors following extensive flood damage earlier this year.INTERNATIONALSmoke billows from a new island near Nishinoshima, a small, uninhabited island in the Ogasawara chain, off the coast of Japan. (Image Credit: AP Photo/Kyodo News)#AFRICA: France warned that the Central Africa Republic was “on the verge of genocide“.#JAPAN: A volcanic eruption created a new island off the coast of Nishinoshima.#GREECE: The head of the Eurogroup said that EU ministers were “losing patience” with the country, which announced its draft budget for 2014 today.#CHINA: A Chinese baby who had been declared dead was saved from being cremated alive when he started crying at a funeral parlour.INNOVATIONA university in Cyprus announced that it will accept Bitcoins as payment for tuition. Instagram’s new Windows Phone app had a few hiccups.PARTING SHOTU2 released a new track earlier this evening, titled Ordinary Love. It’s from the soundtrack to the Nelson Mandela biopic Long Walk To Freedom, which is due for release later this month. You can watch the video on the band’s Facebook page here.Originally published 9.00pmHere’s what happened yesterday >last_img read more

Analysis Two minutes of hell for Ireland against the All Blacks

first_imgTHE MOST INTERESTING quotes to arise from the aftermath of yesterday’s heartbreaking defeat came from Sean O’Brien.The Ireland flanker felt “we should have trusted each other in the last couple of minutes – I’d say a lot of the lads are angry at the way it finished.”Watching the game back this morning, it seems clear that the All Blacks are fitter than Ireland, and had that extra 1% of fitness that allowed them to score the winning try. However, O’Brien rejected that excuse, highlighting that “we weren’t getting set early enough, not coming off the line at them again” in those closing minutes.It was encouraging to hear O’Brien disagreeing with the notion that Ireland should be pleased with their performance, and instead focusing on the fact that “it’s time lads grew up and know what’s expected when they put on an Irish jersey.”The Tullow native articulated the high standards by which Ireland will, and should, set themselves under Joe Schmidt. The defence in the closing minutes simply wasn’t acceptable in O’Brien’s eyes, so let’s take a look at what he may have been referring to.Firstly, let us start by saying that the intention here is not to blame individual players for Ireland conceding this try. However, as indicated by O’Brien, the Irish players should not be happy to have lost after playing well for 79 minutes.They will be demanding enough of themselves to be collectively angry with their late failure to defend. At the 79.30 mark, Ireland are still in possession of the ball and going through solid phases to run the clock down, before Nigel Owens penalises Jack McGrath for going off his feet at the ruck.The screen grab above is taken a split second before Owens blows his whistle to signal his decision. You can see that McGrath is not in an ideal position, with his right foot up off the ground and his body weight forward onto the top half of his body.It’s a justifiable call by Owens, but we had seen plenty of similar instances ignored earlier in the game. That’s not to suggest that the referee’s decision had an impact on the outcome. Ireland concede the penalty, but they are still 62 metres from their own try-line.After a re-taken quick-tap, Ben Smith manages to make 10 metres on the first phase, slipping through O’Brien’s tackle to wriggle forward.The screenshot above is taken as Aaron Smith launches the second phase of the All Blacks’ attack and you can see that Ireland have four defenders set up outside Paul O’Connell, who is acting as the pillar on the left-hand side of the ruck.The All Blacks have five attacking players, but it’s still a good chance for Ireland to get off the defensive line, particularly with Dave Kearney covering out wide. That didn’t prove to be the case though, and Kieran Read ended up being brought down five metres inside Ireland’s half.Beauden Barrett carried down the right-hand side for no gain on the next phase, and Ireland got back into great shape, allowing Jamie Heaslip to rush up and tackle Sam Whitelock behind the gain-line (below).This was what O’Brien was talking about; players getting set early and coming off the line in defence. Unfortunately that was the last time Ireland managed to do so.Ben Smith used his footwork to make a few yards in midfield, and then Ben Franks did the same on the right. At this stage, exhaustion was starting to show for the Irish players.Circled above are O’Connell, Madigan and Conor Murray. While there is a need for one, or even two of these players to be stay in tight, keeping an eye on Aaron Smith or any late trail runners, one of these players simply has to spread a little wider, given the numbers that the All Blacks have in attack out on the left.As we can see when the camera pans out, Ireland are now compromised out wide, and the three players above (still circled below) have been taken out of the game by one long pass. This is where Ireland are first in real trouble.Gordon D’Arcy does well to scramble across and tackle Read, but the No. 8 is in enough space to offload inside to Ben Smith, and by the time the centre is hauled down, the All Blacks are just outside the Ireland 22.Ma’a Nonu makes a clever carry and offload as Ireland attempt to get back into shape, before Owen Franks carries in midfield. Jack McGrath gets into a decent jackal position over the ball, looking to win a turnover and as you can see below, three Irish players waste valuable seconds appealing to Owens for a penalty, rather than getting set up in defence.Again, these bodies would have been better used in sprinting to get set up in the defensive line. Once we move into the wider screen view, we can see that Ireland are again in a compromised position and it actually looks like the All Blacks will score here.However, the All Blacks don’t convert this 5-on-3 situation, but crucially get to within five metres of Ireland’s line and it’s likely that there is real panic setting in amongst Schmidt’s men at this stage.Nonu does well to carry off a loose pass by Aaron Smith, but D’Arcy again makes a stretching tackle and we’re at the last ruck before the All Blacks score their try. Tommy Bowe makes a decision to involve himself in that ruck but as you can see below, there is little he can do to affect it.Once again, there is the sense that Bowe would have been better served in fanning out to defend, particularly given that Ireland end up very tight defensively on the next phase of play.Essentially, Ireland are still left with a 4-on-4 to defend and in normal circumstances – which these were, of course, not – they would have expected to defend this situation (below).What happens next may have been the specific incident that O’Brien was referring to when he spoke about trust. The widest man in a defensive line [Madigan here] often has to make tough decisions based on what is happening inside him.In this instance (below), O’Brien is scrambling across to cover Coles, but he does get there in the end. In the meantime, Madigan has decided that O’Brien isn’t going to make it across in time and he is in the process of lining up a hit on the All Blacks hooker.Watching the video back, it is unclear whether or not O’Brien communicates with Madigan to push out on Crotty. It appears quite possible that he didn’t, but then maybe he expected his teammate to ‘trust’ his ability to get across.As it turned out, O’Brien did manage to make it across, and Madigan realised at the last second, ending up in something of a no man’s land as Coles looks for the offload. O’Brien attempts in vain to trap the ball as he tackles the hooker, but Crotty is the beneficiary as the pass is squeezed out.The absolute fatigue generated by their explosive performance up until this passage of play was obviously a contributing factor, but Ireland will be angry with their inability to keep the All Blacks from scoring from 62 metres out.There is no individual blame attached here, but Ireland will work towards ensuring it never happens again. 12 phases of defending were the difference between winning and losing against the All Blacks yesterday.‘Devastated’ Joe Schmidt rues failure to close out gameReport card: Joe Schmidt’s opening Tests as Ireland coachAngry O’Brien calls on players to ‘grow up, know what’s expected in an Ireland jersey’last_img read more

The 11 inevitable stages of shopping in IKEA

first_img Source: TumblrFinally getting to the self-serve furniture areaOK, you did come here for that one thing. It’s in aisle 33, location 50…and it’s only available in black. YOU WANTED BIRCH VENEER. Source: flickr/jonolistUnloading the trolley and realising how much you’ve picked upWhat have we got here…bedsheets, throw pillows, baskets, hat boxes, a Skudd, a chest of drawers and a sweeping brush. Anything from your pre-made list? No. Source: WordPressEating an 85c hotdog, weepingSO MUCH STUFF. SO MUCH USELESS STUFF. You came for a simple bookshelf, you’re leaving with enough stuff to furnish your own apartment as well as the apartment next door. Who knew cheap Swedish furniture was your weakness? Source: Ari HelminenFitting it all in the carJust about. Special shout out to those wanton folk who dare to go to IKEA on the bus. You are braver souls than we are. Source: Flickr/kallebooAssembling your purchasesAll that easy-to-assemble, flat pack guff sounds great until you’re wrestling with a coffee table that has four uneven legs. You followed the pictures in the booklet! What else can you do?! Source: GifbayDiscovering what you bought doesn’t suitNow you have to go all the way back OUT THERE to return it. There’s no way. Not after last time. Source: MashableA Definitive Ranking of Ireland’s Shopping Centres from Worst to Best>9 emotions you experience while shopping at Penneys> OH IKEA, WHATEVER did we do before we had you here in Ireland, within our grasp?Akin to land of promise, inside you can find the tools you need to clean up your act, finally organise your home, and become the person you always wished to be.But they’re not going to spoon feed it to you. No, shopping in IKEA takes work, and there are many challenges to confront before you can have your wonderful, new, organised life.Making a list of what you needYou’ve set aside a day. You’ve made sure you have the car. You even go online to source the article numbers of the items you need, so you can get straight to it. Get you! Source: TumblrTelling yourself you’ll only go to the self-serve furniture areaYou know what you need. It’s in the self-serve furniture area. And you will go there, and there alone. Source: MrwgifsGetting sidetracked in the showroomsBut of course thanks to the evil genius who designed the IKEA shop floor, it’s just not that easy. You have to go through the showrooms first, which open your eyes to the wide range of beautiful, well-designed homewares available. This – this is what your home could BE. Look at all that storage! And the cutesy floral bedlinen! Your own apartment is dingy in comparison. Source: Flickr/beej55Pillaging the Market PlaceFull of expectation after the showrooms, you breeze through the Market Place, snatching up everything in sight. You’re now staring at a Skudd, which looks like it might be a shoe horn but could also be a wooden spoon. Sure throw it in the basket, it’s €2! Source: TumblrGetting lostThe place is huge, and mostly one way. The shortcuts are well-concealed. Chances are you’ve doubled back to find even more hidden bargains. You need to find a map right now, or else you’re stuck here forever.last_img read more

Adobe adds in 3Dprinting support to Photoshop

first_imgADOBE IS THE latest company to step into the 3D printing market by adding a number 3D printing tools to its graphics editing program Photoshop.While it allows users to create 3D models from scratch, the new feature is primarily designed to help improve and touch up a pre-existing model before it’s printed.The service includes a number of features to make it easy to create a figurine. If you’re printing out a 3D model that isn’t stable, Photoshop will add on temporary supports beneath and around it to ensure it doesn’t fall or crumble in the process.Currently, Adobe’s feature is compatible with the US 3D-printing company MakerBot and printing house Shapeways and the company plans to add more to the service over time.Users can also upload their 3D models to Sketchfab, a service dedicated to publishing and displaying 3D models, and embed them in their Behance profile, a portfolio site for designers.If you’re getting a printing house to create your 3D model, the preview lets you choose the type of material used for printing so you can see how it will look, and will estimate the cost of the print job.Anyone with an Adobe subscription can download the update for free. (Video: Adobe Creative Cloud/YouTube)Read: British fighter jet flies using 3D printed parts >Read: Irish company signs major 3D printing deal with Staples >last_img read more

Police sweep river in search for missing student Megan Roberts

first_imgMegan’s family are understandably very distressed by her disappearance and we would appeal for anyone who has any information at all about where she might be to get in touch with us as soon as possible.Officers from the regional underwater search unit and specialist search officers are conducting riverbank searches along the River Ouse in York city centre today.Image: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire/Press Association ImagesRead: Seven people injured in crush outside Copper Face Jacks on Harcourt Street POLICE IN THE UK are sweeping a river in York as part of their search for student Megan Roberts.The 20-year-old has been missing since the early hours of Thursday morning, when she was last seen after a night out in a local nightclub.The York St John University student had been to Popworld on George Hudson Street and CCTV footage has established some of her movements after she left the bar. Police believe she was on the corner of Rougier Street, near Lendal Bridge, with a group of people at about 2.20am.The same group were seen a short time later at the other end of the bridge but Megan was not with them.Officers have appealed to anyone who saw a woman matching her description to get in touch. She was wearing a cream, knee-length dress with a brown-and-orange large flower print and black plimsoll-type shoes at the time.“Her disappearance and the fact that she has not had any contact with her family and friends for almost five days now is extremely unlike her and adds to our concern,” North Yorkshire Police said in a statement.last_img read more

23 of the most memorable images from Man Uniteds opentop bus parade

first_img(Clint Hughes/AP/Press Association Images)11. A stall holder sells Manchester United-related merchandise as rain pours down (Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images)12. Manchester United fans with banners for Sir Alex Ferguson (Dave Thompson/PA Wire)13. Manchester United fans queue to enter Albert Square to view the closing ceremony(Martin Rickett/PA Wire)14. Manchester United fans gather in Albert Square to view the closing ceremony (Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images)15. The Courteeners sound check in Albert Square before the closing ceremony(Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images)16. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson makes his way to the bus(Dave Thompson/PA Wire/Press Association Images)17. Manchester United players including Wayne Rooney celebrate 1. Hail stones fall on stewards on the Manchester United Parade Route just hours before the team are due to set off (Eamonn and James Clarke/Eamonn and James Clarke/EMPICS Entertainment)2. A Manchester United supporter outside Old Trafford Stadium holds up a poster in reference to the rumoured departure of Roberto Mancini(Jon Super/AP/Press Association Images)3. Manchester United’s fans celebrate during the trophy parade at Albert Square (Clint Hughes/AP/Press Association Images)4. A flag is held outside Old Trafford Stadium (Jon Super/AP/Press Association Images)5. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney holds the trophy outside Old Trafford Stadium(Jon Super/AP/Press Association Images)6. Manchester United’s Paul Scholes stands on an open top bus with a statue of Sir Matt Busby visible behind him(Jon Super/AP/Press Association Images)7. Manchester United’s fans celebrate(Clint Hughes/AP/Press Association Images)8. The Manchester United team arrive in Albert Square aboard their bus(Clint Hughes/AP/Press Association Images)9. Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson lifts the Premier League trophy with Patrice Evra(Clint Hughes/AP/Press Association Images)10. The Manchester United team celebrate with the Premier League trophycenter_img (Dave Thompson/PA Wire)18. A Manchester United fan with a banner taunting rivals(Dave Thompson/PA Wire)19. A Manchester United fan makes her feelings clear on a banner (Dave Thompson/PA Wire/Press Association Images)20. A Manchester United fan holds up a card which reads ‘ThankYou Sir Alex’ at Albert Square (Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images)21. The Manchester United team bus on the streets of Manchester (Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images)22. The Manchester United fans with flares (Peter Byrne/PA Wire)23. A Manchester United fan cheers in Albert Square despite the heavy rain(EMPICS Sport/EMPICS Sport)Thanks for memories, Ferguson tells United fans>I quit for my wife after tragedy, says Ferguson>last_img read more

Kerry set to unveil plan for West Bank economy

first_imgUS SECRETARY OF STATE John Kerry was Sunday to unveil plans to revive the ailing Palestinian economy, as Israeli President Shimon Peres insisted no time should be lost in resuming peace talks.“Tonight I will be in Amman and talk about the economic development of the West Bank, the Sahel, Maghreb, all of these regions,” Kerry told students at the University of Addis Ababa shortly before leaving Ethiopia to travel to Jordan.“I think when you look at extremism, radical, violent extremism, it is filling a void that is being left by the absence of governance.”Tourism and private sector investmentSince taking up the baton this year in the long-elusive search for Middle East peace, Kerry has refused to divulge publicly the details of how he intends to bridge the bitter differences between Israel and the Palestinians.But he has entrusted the Quartet’s Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair with the task of drawing up an economic plan to attract tourism and private sector investment into the West Bank and breathe fresh hope into the area.Blair has already been working with the CEO of Coca Cola, Muhtar Kent, on ways of attracting investment into the depressed West Bank.The West Bank had seen a moderate growth in recent years only to be set back by Israeli and Western moves to stall aid following the Palestinian bid for upgraded UN status.In a separate initiative unveiled at the World Economic Forum, held in the Jordanian town of Shunah on the shores of the Dead Sea, some 200 Israeli and Palestinian executives from some large businesses urged their governments to move towards a two-state solution.The Breaking the Impasse Initiative vowed to use their influence to convince the leaders on both sides to resume serious talks, stalled since late 2010.“The current situation endangers the economy and the social fabric of both nations, and may render the two-state solution unattainable,” it said in a statement.Peace is a ‘real possibility’Peres, who met with Kerry on Thursday in Jerusalem, said he believed peace was a “real possibility.”“Two points are urgent: we shouldn’t lose the opportunity because it will he replaced by great disappointment,” Peres told reporters.“We have to come over scepticism and doubts. Second, I feel it is a real possibility,” he said, speaking in English.“I am aware of the missing links residing between the two ends. From my experience I believe it is possible to overcome them, it doesn’t require too much time. It is the real interest of all parties concerned.”He said the two sides already have a “functioning” solution.“As far as the Palestinians are concerned we have a functioning beginning and an agreed solution. The solution is the two-state solution — living in peace and dignity,” Peres said.Kerry was on his second trip to Jordan in five days, after marathon talks on the crisis in Syria with 10 foreign ministers from the Friends of Syria group stretched into early Thursday.Stalled Middle East peace processHe was expected to meet again with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas during his new stay in Amman, after the two men met for more than two hours on Thursday in Ramallah to discuss the way forward in the stalled Middle East peace process.“It takes courage, vision and determination to stand together and to demand the breaking of the impasse between our two nations,” said Munib Masri, chair of the Palestinian group of Breaking the Impasse.“Palestinians yearn for freedom, dignity and independence from occupation and we see no good coming from the current impasse except the perils of future conflict.”Kerry has called on both Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to now take the tough decisions needed to get the peace process moving again.“The Middle East is the grand-daddy or grandma of all conflicts,” Kerry told the young Ethiopian students on Sunday before heading back to the Middle East.“Everybody knows what the issues are, the question is can you get over that divide. The Palestinians deserve a state, Israel deserves to be secure and know that people won’t be firing rockets at it, sending women and children into bunkers.”- © AFP, 2013Read: Turkey and US demand Assad stand downRead: Israel approves 296 West Bank settler homeslast_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Friday

first_imgMolly Malone has been given a new (temporary) home. Three men have been arrested and property recovered as part of an investigation into dissident republican activity in Dublin. Over 70 of Nama’s debtors have been declared backrupt since the agency was set up. INTERNATIONAL The FBI has all kinds of security concerns about Google’s driverless cars. [] NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news…IRELAND Maya O’Mahoney, 5, at the re-setting of Molly Malone on Dublin’s Suffolk Street. Source: Niall Carson/PA Wire Ballymun residents are protesting a ban on rent allowance in their area. Ukrainian coal miners search the site of the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 for survivors near Rozsypne, Ukraine today. Source: AP/Press Association Images#MH17: Barack Obama said that a missile fired from a rebel-held territory in Ukraine brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 with 298 on board. An Irish-born woman is among the dead.#GAZA: The AFP reports that the Palestinian death toll has risen to 285, and the Israeli soldier killed overnight died by ‘friendly fire’. Minister Charlie Flanagan today expressed the government’s “deep concerns” over the violence to the Israeli ambassador to Ireland.#SILVIO: Silvio Berlusconi has won his appeal against his conviction for paying for sex with an underage prostitute.INNOVATION A woman has been arrested in connection with the death of a man in Rathfarnham, Dublin. The HSE has recorded a €163 million deficit for this year to the end of May. PARTING SHOTGood news for people worrying about underarm sweat patches in hot weather: spacesuit technology is being used to make high-end dress shirts for men to help combat perspiration. The Revenue Commissioners have collected €310m to date in local property tax and household charge payments. The more time you spend on Facebook, the worse you will feel. []last_img read more

RIM nears launch of BBM Music service

first_imgIt hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for RIM this year as the once-swaggery BlackBerry maker continues to struggle against the iPhone and wave after wave of sexy, powerful Android and Windows phones. The PlayBook hasn’t exactly been flying off retail shelves, but RIM apparently still has one or two tricks up its sleeves. Coming soon: BBM Music, an all-you-can-listen streaming service that will work exclusively on RIM hardware.Rather than white-labeling or integrating an existing service like Rhapsody (as MetroPCS did) or Rdio, RIM is said to be inking its own deals with the four major record labels. According to some sources close to the situation, RIM has already secured one major and is close to deals with two more.Those deals will be critical for RIM, however, who is said to be planning a price that drastically undercuts competing services. That is, if there were any. Services that have been mentioned as competitors — like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio — work on a wide variety of devices as well as laptops, desktops, and even some home audio gear and streaming gear (like Boxee). RIM might very well be able to make less costly arrangements since BBM Music is only going to pump tunes to BlackBerry phones and the PlayBook.A beta of BBM Music is said to be just around the corner, and you can bet that means the software is ready to go but they’re waiting for the ink to dry. It’s an interesting move by RIM, who has clearly started paying a bit more attention to the connected young folks who own their devices than the corporate types of yore who wouldn’t be seen at a board meeting without their trusted QWERTY phones.More at The Streetlast_img read more

Timelapse of the VLA in New Mexico illustrates the beauty of science

first_imgThe above time-lapse, entitled “Signal to Noise” was created by artist Douglas Koke to illustrate the magnificence of the Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico and the awe that is can inspire when observed under the right circumstances. One of the largest radio astronomy observatories in the world, the VLA is used to scan the skies and observe heavenly objects that have rapidly changing characteristics, like pulsars. The site was made famous by the movie adaptation of Carl Sagan’s book, Contact.Koke used several pieces of equipment and software to create his video. As the piece is a composite between still images and HD video added due to the fact that Koke ran into bad weather during his shoot window, a variety of gear was needed. For cameras he used two Canon 600D (T3i) DSLRs as well as a GoPro HD Hero. For glass Koke used three different Canon lenses: the EF-S 10-22mm, a 24-105mm and a 70-200mm 2.8. He also added a Sigma 30mm 1.4 to the mix. For the smooth motion you saw while watching the video, he employed a Kessler Crane pocket dolly controlled by an elektraDrive basic controller.A majority of the time spent on the video was during the post-production process. Electing to use Adobe After Effects for the impressive visuals around both the dishes and the stars, Koke created a bit of a challenge for himself trying to sync the audio track with the movements on screen. Red Giant’s Magic Bullet suite was used for the time-lapse as well. The aforementioned music track is entitled “What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It” by Telefon Tel Aviv, in case you were wondering.Koke’s background is pretty impressive as he has worked with visual media his entire career. Recently having left Liquid Compass after a three-year stint, he’s now working as a freelance artist. After seeing this piece of visual art, we wouldn’t have much problem recommending him to companies looking to get help in this area.Read more at Koke’s site.last_img read more

Geek deals 559 off Dells XPS 15 multitouch laptop

first_imgThink this over for a second…The novelty of the touchscreen smartphone: over.The novelty of a touchscreen tablet: almost — but not completely — over.The novelty of a touchscreen laptop? Paradoxically, that’s still kind of sexy.Dinosar-aged though they may be, laptops don’t often include multi-touch displays.  There are those huge all-in-One touchscreen desktop PCs made by the HP and Dell that are popular these days, but it’s not often that we see touchscreens  extended to the laptop realm, especially not for consumer models. But if you’re looking for a solid, high-performance laptop with a cool bonus feature, you might be interested in this.The latest iteration of the Dell XPS 15 has all the top-flight specs of the XPS line combined with the multi-touch functionality for gaming, advanced work sessions, or just because you want an input method that doesn’t involve a trackpad. This PC houses a 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, and a dual-core Intel Core i5 CPU, all in an anodized aluminum case. There’s also 1GB GeForce GT 525M graphics and built-in JBL speakers.Unfortunately, the 15-inch multi-touch screen is not HD, it’s just only 1366×768. However, the built-in webcam is HD and Skype-certified, and the 9-cell battery gives it an above average lifespan. There are plenty of ports to connect, including HDMI, mini DisplayPort (to remedy the display situation), a 9-in-1 card reader, USB 3.0, and a USB2.0/eSATA combo port.At $559 off the retail price, this is a solid deal on a fun laptop that will actually stand up to rigorous use once the novelty wears off. The specifications are fine, but if you are looking for something with a touchscreen, then this deal really shines.Check out this deal at LogicBuy.last_img read more

Sony acquires Gaikai for 380 million

first_imgAt the end of May a rumor making the rounds suggested that Sony was trying to acquire either Gaikai or OnLive. In the process it would secure the ability to stream any game from any platform to Sony hardware. The rumor got watered down to the point where Sony was expected to announce Gaikai’s service would be used to stream PS2 and PSOne games on the PS3.Today, Sony laid all the rumors to rest by announcing it has acquired Gaikai for $380 million.As part of the announcement Sony confirmed it intends to setup a cloud streaming service using Gaikai’s technology to offer a broad range of entertainment. What has not been confirmed is whether such a service will be limited to Sony-only hardware platforms such as its TVs, tablets, smartphones, and gaming hardware.The move is one that could really shake up the gaming space for the company, as well as putting its rivals including Microsoft and Nintendo on their back foot. With Gaikai’s game streaming technology under its control, Sony now has the ability to offer a game library well beyond anything its rivals can provide. It can also achieve that on any hardware platform it wishes because everything is streamed.Looking ahead, the acquisition could help shape what the PlayStation 4 console ends up being. If Sony did decide to ship a machine without physical media, then Gaikai could be used to keep hardware costs to a minimum by streaming all games. I don’t think that’s likely to happen, though. Instead, Sony can leverage Gaikai to offer backwards compatibility on PS4 for PS3, PS2, PSOne, and PSP games. Movies could also be offered via Gaikai–playing instantly in full HD on any hardware that can run the Gaikai app.What will be interesting to watch now is how Microsoft reacts. The most obvious response is to acquire OnLive, but that’s assuming OnLive is for sale and Microsoft sees the service as a good investment. It’s hard to argue against the fact that controlling a proven cloud streaming service is anything but a big advantage.Read more at Engadgetlast_img read more

Scientists use superhearty bacteria to generate 24karat gold

first_imgThe last decade has seen seismic shifts in the precious metals market. Specifically, the price of gold has been on a steady rise for years now. Some new research out of Michigan State University uses a particular strain of bacteria to generate pure 24-karat gold from toxic gold-containing compounds. This might not be a viable method for producing gold on a large scale, but it’s very cool science with a little art mixed in.Some have taken to calling this “microbial alchemy,” a phrase used by Kazem Kashefi, a researcher on the project. However, alchemy doesn’t quite fit with what it happening here. The bacterium, Cupriavidus metallidurans, has evolved to survive with extremely high heavy metal stress. It’s not creating gold, as the term “alchemy” would imply. This organism is processing gold chloride into solid metallic gold. The MSU project has found this bacterium to be 25-times more resistant to toxicity than previously thought.Gold chloride, or liquid gold, is a naturally occurring substance, but is incredibly toxic. Most organisms cannot grow, let alone thrive in it. Cupriavidus metallidurans plays a pivotal role in the natural formation of gold nuggets, but the researchers at MSU have managed to corral it in a bioreactor that can speed the process along.When the bacteria are provided with gold chloride it takes about a week for the organisms to process the liquid, removing the gold from the solution. Small specs of gold precipitate out and collect at the bottom of the reactor for collection. The creation of this self-contained gold mine is the really interesting part, in my opinion.Some of the flowery language around this story might have to do with the art project incorporating the research. “The Great Work of the Metal Lover” is currently on display with a glass bioreactor where observers can watch gold being formed. There are also various images of the bacterium in the exhibit taken with a scanning electron microscope. The images are accented with gold leaf made inside the reactor. The art installation is on display in Austria until October 7th.via Science Daily and Slashdotlast_img read more

Nintendo putting nail in Wiis coffin shutting off online services in June

first_imgWe’re living in a world of next-generation Nintendo products. The 3DS has made the standard DS a device of the past, and the Wii U and its tablet companion have made the Wii and its prowess at casual bowling and tennis a distant memory. Nintendo realizes this, and has decided to shut down most of the Wii’s integral online services at the end of June.The services to get the ax include the Nintendo Channel — a channel dedicated to Nintendo-based news — the Forecast Channel, and the News Channel. Along with the more news-based areas of the Wii, Nintendo is also shutting down the Everybody Votes Channel, which posts various simple questions every day and allows Wii users to vote on an answer, then returns a somewhat detailed breakdown of how everyone voted. The Mii Contest Channel will also close, which allows users to upload their Miis into various contests that have specific criteria.Nintendo will also be severely limiting data exchange with Wii friends, which includes exchanging messages on the Wii Message Board, exchanging Miis on the Mii Channel, and data exchange within certain games.When the switch is flipped on June 28, if you can’t live without those online services, you’re going to have to hope someone revives them through the infamous Homebrew Channel.Nintendo will still grant a few online services a lease on life, such as the Today’s Accomplishments announcements on the Wii Message Board, as well as the Wii Shop Channel, but the rest of the closures signify an official changing of the Nintendo guard. Granted, the Wii U hasn’t exactly sold well since its release, but maybe now that you can’t access core online features on the Wii, you’ll purchase a Wii U. Just kidding, we know you didn’t access any online Wii features in the first place, which is probably why Nintendo is shutting them off only five months after the Wii U released.last_img read more

Sony PSN running costs are too high to keep it free on

first_imgThe PS4 may be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One when it launches later this year, but using Sony’s console is going to be a little more expensive than the equivalent experience gaming on PS3. That’s because Sony has shifted online multiplayer to be a feature of a PlayStation Plus subscription rather than being a free service.That means if you want to play against others online, you need a $50 per year Plus account. However, access to streaming services such as Netflix will remain a freely available feature of the console. But why did Sony choose to start charging for multiplayer?According to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s Worldwide Studios boss, it simply came down to a matter of cost. Running the servers that power the PlayStation Network isn’t cheap, and continuing to offer multiplayer for free would have cost too much, to the point where Sony would have had to lower the quality of the service to compensate. I imagine that would mean fewer dedicated servers or locations around the world, leading to higher latency and a poorer overall experience.By making this change Sony is embracing a paid model that Microsoft has been using for a while on Xbox 360. However, Sony isn’t putting a pay wall in front of third-party services and it already offers a PlayStation Plus account that includes a tremendous amount of value. By paying for access to multiplayer, you are going to gain access to those other benefits, too, e.g. new free games to download and play every month.We’ve already looked at the true cost of the PS4 compared to Xbox One, and I doubt an extra $50 for a Plus account is going to make a big difference to gamer’s choice to purchase or not. As long as Sony continues to offer the value current Plus subscribers enjoy, it’s worth the subscription cost.last_img read more

Four masked men attack man after ramming his car outside Dublin school

first_img A MAN WAS attacked by a number of men outside a school yesterday morning as an ongoing feud between three local families escalates.Four men, who were understood to be armed with bats and wearing balaclavas, targeted the intended victim outside a school in the Killinarden Heights area of Tallaght at around 9am.They had initially rammed his car, forcing his vehicle to mount a pavement near the school. Children making their way to school were visibly distressed by the violent scenes.The victim has yet to make a complaint to the gardaí. Officers believe that the attack was linked to a feud between at least three families in the Tallaght area.InvestigationGardaí confirmed that they are investigating the incident.A spokesman said: “Gardaí at Tallaght are investigating an incident which occurred at approximately 9am yesterday morning in the Killinarden Heights area. Two cars were involved in a collision , the male driver of one of the cars was assaulted by a number of men from the second car.“No arrests have been made and Gardaí from Tallaght are continuing their investigations.”Read: ‘It’s a worrying trend’: Judge concerned that age profile of drink drivers is getting younger > 27,572 Views Wednesday 26 Apr 2017, 8:28 AM 15 Comments By Garreth MacNamee Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Four masked men attack man after ramming his car outside Dublin school yesterday morning A feud between at least three local families is understood to be the reason behind the attack. Apr 26th 2017, 8:28 AM Image: Google Maps Short URL Share115 Tweet Email1 Image: Google Mapslast_img read more

17 dead after tear gas explodes in Caracas club causing a stampede

first_img By AFP File photo of a Venezuelan security officer. 17 dead after tear gas explodes in Caracas club, causing a stampede A brawl prompted someone to throw a tear gas canister, sending hundreds rushing for the exits. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article SEVENTEEN PEOPLE, INCLUDING eight minors, were killed at a crowded Caracas club early Saturday when a tear gas canister was detonated, setting off a stampede, Venezuelan officials said.The deaths occurred after a party at the club degenerated into a brawl and someone detonated the tear gas, sending more than 500 people rushing for the exits, said Interior and Justice Minister Nestor Reverol.In comments aired on state VTV television, Reverol put the death toll at 17; eight minors are among the victims.Witnesses said a minor, one of seven people detained in the incident, is suspected of setting off the tear gas.Official reports said the victims died of suffocation or multiple trauma. At least five people were hurt in the incident and taken to hospital for treatment.© – AFP, 2018 Saturday 16 Jun 2018, 5:57 PM 2 Comments center_img File photo of a Venezuelan security officer. Image: DPA/PA Images Jun 16th 2018, 5:57 PM Image: DPA/PA Images Share40 Tweet Email Short URL 11,979 Views last_img read more

Somare firm I am PM of PNG

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Sir Michael Somare continues to insist he is Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, despite the governor general and the nation’s civil service backing Peter O’Neill. Sir Michael, 75, continues to hold meetings at the Ela beach hotel, even after the nation’s army and police chiefs said they recognise the O’Neill government. “My minority government does not want to see this country being led by members of parliament that use sheer numbers to hijack processes in parliament and trample all over our Constitution,” he said. Sir Michael was returned to office on December 12 after the Supreme Court ruled his August 2 dumping was unconstitutional. Mr O’Neill says he has the backing of 75 out of 109 members of parliament, and was recognised on Tuesday by Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio as the nation’s only PM. The December 12 decision sparked a tense stand-off between members of the police force loyal to Mr Somare. The O’Neill government last week suspended Governor-General Ogio after he swore in Sir Michael’s cabinet. Sir Michael Ogio has since apologised, citing bad advice, and on Monday reinstated Mr O’Neill.last_img read more

Get Covered

first_imgWhen Australians talk about their assets, they’ll tell you about their house, their business or their boat. But in my opinion, your greatest asset is the ability to generate revenue. Our economy has shifted to high rates of self employment in the past thirty years, with professionals and tradies selling their services on a contracted basis. This shift has left a glaring lack of sickness and injury safety nets for the self-employed, given that most contractors do not fall under the award system. These people need income protection insurance. If you’re a self-employed person in a household where your income is the main or the sole source of revenue, you should consider what happens to the bills and the mortgage and the vehicle costs if you have to spend a few months off work. Income protection insurance pays a percentage of a sick worker’s income during a period of inability to work due to injury or illness. The insured usually agrees to a waiting period, for instance you may have to be off work for two weeks before you are considered incapacitated. The last research I saw on this found that among self employed males, only 23 per cent of income was covered, and among female contractors, only 14 per cent of income was protected. Although workers comp covers you at the workplace, income protection covers you for the non-workplace misadventures: the broken leg at netball, the tummy bug, the stroke, the bout of pneumonia, the stomach ulcer, the hernia operation, the chemotherapy etc. In short, the medical dramas that seem to happen to someone else until they happen to us. The protracted Global Financial Crisis has made us focus on our finances, and many Australian households now choose to not hold debt lest something happens that reduces the capacity to pay it back. The other way of looking at it is to insure your income. For those who haven’t done it, I suggest you talk to an insurance broker. Life insurance is a welcome safety net to the people you leave behind when you die. But what if you can’t work for two months? You’re still alive but that’s long enough to put the house at risk, to miss car payments, to max out credit cards and to put undue financial stress on your family. I urge those who have not covered their income to at least talk to a broker and discuss why it is that you haven’t insured your main source of financial security. If in doubt, rethink your employment this way: income is your greatest asset – it’s worth protecting. * Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a financial services company offering home loans, financial planning, accounting & tax and insurance. Email Mark on with any queries you may have or check S for your nearest branch. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more